You may have noticed the disappearance of the comments section on news websites over the past few years. This lively and entertaining commentary was sometimes more interesting and thought-provoking than the original news story itself. Mainstream news agencies felt a need to control the narrative, fearful of upsetting readers with divergent views, foul language or harming their carefully crafted brands.

After attempting strict moderation and allowing comments on non-emotive stories only, most news websites simply gave up and switched of their comments permanently — leaving the Internet without a voice (yours).

Wikisays was founded with a belief that we all have a right to express our views, regardless of worldview, culture, religion, nationality or race. Yes, conversations get heated, but how will anyone consider an alternative point of view if you can’t read about it? We believe we’re bigger than what mainstream news organizations believe we are; we can handle debate and ignore insults for what they are — words.

However, we do have two rules: No incitement to violence or death against anyone. No racial slurs. We believe these are unhelpful in any debate and don’t move the conversation forward in any meaningful way.

We welcome your comments and encourage you to add your own stories if you can’t find them here — with the “Add new link” button on the home page.